Antibacterial Soap kills more germs than the plain soap

Published: 19th June 2010
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The best way to keep our body free from diseases it is necessary to clean it regularly. Most of the diseases are spread through our hands. So hand wash is one of the most important steps to avoid spreading germs. Germs include bacteria and viruses that may cause harmful diseases. When they enter the body they can destroy healthy cells and cause infections. Hand washing can destroy germs to avoid transmitting from one person to another. Cleansing the skin only with water is ineffective because water alone is unable to remove fats, oils and proteins. So it is better to use antibacterial soap to remove micro-organisms instead of plain soap. Triclosan present in antibacterial soap is very effective antibacterial agents which kills all the bacteria within the body. Antibacterial products containing Triclosan killed more germs than plain soap. It is an agent that has the potential to create antibacterial resistance. Triclocarbon is another agent which is presumed to be harmless than Triclosan.

Though antibacterial soap is not good for face but this can be the key ingredients to ending the breakouts of back and body acne sufferers. Antibacterial has a drying effect and will dry up the excess oil and sweat that can accumulate on the body. Antibacterial facial soaps are non-irritating, non-drying which cleanses dirt, oil and bacteria from the face. Antibacterial soaps contain tea tree oil as the ingredient which has antibacterial properties that can be used for the treatment of acne.

Oily skin is very shiny and prone to acne. So, an antibacterial soap is good for oily skin. They contain natural ingredients like lavender, chamomile and tea tree oil. Antibacterial soaps help to kill the bacteria on the skin that causes acne.

Antibacterial soaps with silver pigment are effective in dealing with all types of germs. It is also effective in curing and preventing the fungal and bacterial infections on the skin thus stopping the cause of acne and other skin diseases. This type of soap can be applied to the people of all age groups with any skin type. A lot of skin problems such as redness, swelling, and itching are decreased by the regular use of antibacterial soap with silver. The silver in antibacterial soap is helpful to kill the bacteria that multiple on the surface of the skin. Thus the regular use of antibacterial soap with silver pigment makes a person free from acne which is the common problem of skin in most individuals.

So it is better for the people to use the antibacterial soaps with silver content in it as it not only gives a healthy, glowing and acne free skin but also help to prevent many other common skin problems. To get a clear healthy skin we should use an antibacterial soap instead of plain soap.


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